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The best thermal monocular for the money in 2023

PST, 16, June, 2023, Mileseey has made a new revolutionary innovation in thermal imaging gadget, with the launch of TNV30—the world first Mg-Al 384*256 thermal monocular, adding yet another masterpiece product to its SPACE MASTER series products that feature Mg-Al housing, next-gen technology, stunningly elaborate design, and high sustainability.

Why a Mg-Al housing thermal imaging monocular?

As sustainable development gains momentum globally, the need for durable and environmentally conscious technology has become more pressing. To address this demand, TNV30, a high-resolution thermal vision monocular has been designed with a reinforced aircraft-grade Mg-Al housing, ensuring optimal protection from external factors like shocks, drops, moisture, heat, and cold. The alloy housing also functions to dissipate heat effectively, reducing image noise and guaranteeing consistent performance for extended periods of observation.

TNV30 thermal monocular

Moreover, the Mg-Al alloy's ability to conduct heat away efficiently not only enhances the device's performance but also elevates its design to a premium, sleek, and sophisticated level, adding to its overall appeal.

Cutting-edge thermal imaging technology

The TNV30 handheld thermal monocular is a high-performance device that delivers the exceptional image clarity and sharp vision of objects, thanks to its vanadium oxide 384*288 metal infrared detector and germanium F/1.0 lens. This combination allows the monocular to generate highly detailed images with distinguished clarity, making it suitable for IDENTIFICATION purposes, not just SPOTTING.

With an impressive detection range of up to 660 yards, the TNV 30 is able to provide exceptional performance even in complete darkness, fog, or smoke. It is designed to meet the needs of hunters who require not only the ability to SPOT animals, but also accurately IDENTIFY them. After all, distinguishing between a boar and a lead sow can make a significant difference.

Equippass and water surfaces that emit infrared radiation evenly. ed with state-of-the-art image processing software, TNV30 allows for clear and detailed capture of complex wilderness scenes, including low thermal contrast objects like grass and water surfaces that emit infrared radiation evenly. 

25mm F1.0 Germanium lens


Focus & diopter adjustment

The adjustable lens focus of TNV30 hand held thermal monocular is unequivocally a game-changer in thermal imaging technology. By simply rotating the objective focus ring, users can easily bring objects into sharp, crystal-clear focus at different distances. This cutting-edge feature ensures that the image is always well-defined, providing an unparalleled viewing experience that's hard to beat.

The TNV30 also boasts an eyepiece diopter adjustment (-5 to +5D) – a feature that's a rarity in high-resolution thermal monocular brands. This adjustment allows users to observe with or without glasses, and adjust the focus to their individual eye needs, minimizing eye fatigue during prolonged use.

Versatile functions

Distance measurement

TNV30 supports distance measurement by mounting a laser rangefinder module that  can measure distances of up to 1,300 yards away with a remarkable accuracy of +/-1 yard. The results of the distance measurement are overlaid on the display, making it effortless for users to view the data. With this feature, users can easily eliminate the guesswork when it comes to determining the range of their targets, day or night. This makes the TNV 30 an excellent thermal monocular for hunting, surveillance, and other outdoor activities where accurate distance measurement is crucial.

laser rangefinder module

Rich color palettes

The TNV30 provides a color palette featuring 5 display modes to enhance the imaging effects in various scenarios. You can easily customize your display by switching between White hot, Black hot, Red hot, Green hot, and Iron red with a simple button click.Users can select the color palette that best suits their needs and adjust it as necessary to achieve the desired imaging effects. For example, the white-hot palette may be better for identifying targets in complete darkness, while the green-hot palette may be more effective in identifying targets in wooded areas.

color palettes

Digital zoom

Boasting a 1-8X digital zoom feature, TNV30 thermal monocular enables users to enlarge their photos and easily pinpoint targets 660 yards away, even in total darkness when physical proximity is not possible. The digital zoom feature enables users to capture clear and detailed thermal images of their targets, making it easier to analyze and assess their surroundings. Whether you're conducting surveillance operations or engaging in outdoor activities, the TNV30's digital zoom feature ensures that you always have a clear view of your surroundings.

Digital zoom

External screen

One of the standout features of the TNV30 that sets it apart from other thermal monoculars is the optional external screen, providing a more flexible and versatile viewing experience. This feature allows users to share their observations with others, making it an excellent tool for group activities. With this feature, you can easily collaborate with your peers or share your findings with an audience, making the TNV30 an ideal choice for both personal and professional use.

External screen

Hot-spot tracking

The TNV 30 thermal monocular boasts a 'hot tracking' mode, which enables users to track the warmest source in the image by using crosshairs. This means that users can quickly and easily locate heat sources in densely overgrown areas, where traditional search methods may be difficult or impossible. In hot tracking mode, the crosshairs automatically adjust to track the hottest object in the image, making it much easier for users to identify and locate the source of the heat, which is especially useful in search and rescue operations.


High durability

The TNV 30 is built with an IP65 protection rating, 1-meter drop proof capability, and a wide operating temperature range (-22F°-140F°), making it suitable for harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Both the device and the carrying bag are waterproofedensuring that you always stay dry during outdoor activities like camping and hiking, providing reliable protection from water damage.

Perfect ergonomic

The TNV 30 is a compact and portable thermal monocular designed for one-handed use, with an ergonomic shape that provides a comfortable grip for both right-handed and left-handed users. The minimalist button design, instant start-up, and intuitive controls allow for easy access and control without distracting the user. These features make the TNV 30 a simple and effective solution for nighttime surveillance and hunting where high-level attention is required.

Outstanding battery performance

The TNV 30 comes equipped with a rechargeable 4500 mAh-capacity lithium battery pack that provides an impressive battery life of up to 15 hours. This means you can explore the great outdoors without lugging around extra batteries or portable chargers that can weigh you down. So, whether you're out camping or trekking through the wilderness, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you always have enough power to last all day.

High refresh rate

The Mileseey TNV 30 offers a display refresh rate of up to 50 Hz. This indicates how many times per second the monitor can update the screen. A higher refresh rate results in reduced image flickering, providing a more comfortable and smoother visual experience. It also helps reduce eye strain when spending extended periods of time scanning the wilderness.


High refresh rate

Wide range of uses

The TNV30 thermal vision monocular is a versatile tool with a wide range of applications. It can be used for hunting, wildlife observation, search and rescue, navigation in caves, and detecting heat loss in buildings or leaks in pipelines. It is also an ideal instrument for personal security, locating missing pets, monitoring for predators, and providing surveillance to parking lots, parks, and sidewalks.


TNV30 is a marvel of form of function in the field thermal imaging. If you are looking for the best thermal monocular for the money in 2023, then look no further than the Mileseey TNV30 handheld thermal monocular.